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We remember that grief is a journey, not a destination and a funeral is a vital first signpost. Funerals mark both the physical separation from the person that has died and a renewal of friends and family ties for the time ahead.


The funeral is an opportunity to capture special memories and recall moments of pride and delight in the life of the deceased.

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Selecting a casket is a matter of personal preference. The casket’s construction can be a major consideration when making a choice.

We believe that it is important to offer families a choice of hearses when arranging a funeral service for a loved one.

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During the arrangement, your funeral director will discuss catering for the refreshments held after a service.

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Urns come in a variety of styles and finishes. Each urn is chosen to suit the deceased and how the family wish to represent them.

Traditional signature pages, bound into a modern memory book.

It can be overwhelming to write an eulogy or tribute, so we’ve put together some tips on how to write them.

When planning or attending a funeral there are many questions some people may have. 

Although very important, the funeral is only the first step we take in ‘saying goodbye’.

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