Online Funeral Viewing

Online Funerals

As a result of restrictions, timing, numbers of attendees or travel limitations it is sometimes not possible for everyone to attend a service. 

To accomodate this we offer an optional online funeral broadcasting system. 

This service allows your remote attendees to view online from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone.  If you would like more information please call or Email. 

Viewing a live event

When you click on the link below you will be taken to the One Room website. 

On the opening page there is a link entitled ‘View Now‘.

Click on this link, you will then be asked to enter the details that have been shared with you by the organiser of the event. 

It might be useful to write these on a piece of paper in advance of clicking the link.  Especially if they are in an email on the same device that you will be viewing on. 

Online Funeral Help
If you have any technical questions about the compatibility of your device, problem-solving or any other questions please click here

Viewing after the event has finished

The recording of the event will remain available online for three months following the event.  Click on the View Now link above and follow the same procedure to view the event. 

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