We will offer you the best value possible

You can have confidence that Woolertons’ will always strive to offer good value. At the time of the funeral arrangement an estimate for funeral expenses will be provided. The costs shown on this page are indicative only. They are not quotes or estimates and may sometimes change for reasons beyond our control. Please note that other funeral services may quote GST exclusive prices.  If you are comparing these prices with those charged by other providers, please bear that in mind. Our figures are all GST inclusive.

> Our Fees

Professional services fee: $3,800 (including gst)
Caskets: From $1000 (including gst)
Embalming: $750 (including gst)

Other services and fees by enquiry. The Funeral Director will always provide you with a cost estimate.


Work and Income Funeral Grant is up to: $2,152.66

Some people are eligible to receive a grant or part of the grant towards funeral costs. The grant is income and asset tested. You will need to apply to WINZ by completing an application form and provide:

Please ask your funeral director for further information and assistance if required.

> Cremation services only

To honour the wishes of the deceased or in other circumstances, from time to time families request a cremation only, rather than having a full funeral service.

The fee for direct cremation with no funeral is $3,400 all inclusive.


ACC Funeral Grant is up to: $6,569.53

If a death is a result of an accident then an application to ACC can be lodged with them for a grant towards funeral costs. This also applies to overseas visitors.

Additional financial assistant is available for the surviving spouse and dependent children.

Please visit  and ask your funeral director for further information and assistance if required.

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