Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need a casket?


Legally it is required that you are to be in some form of a casket. The casket’s requirements must have a sturdy bottom, sides, and a fluid absorbent lining.

If you have decided not to use a funeral home, to transport the deceased into your care from a mortuary, it is required that you must have a casket or other suitable receptacle of a kind usually used by funeral directors.

For any further questions please contact us via phone on 07 855 1878 or email us at [email protected]


Do I have to be embalmed?

No, however it is recommended.

Embalming helps to preserve and decrease the rate of decomposition of the deceased. It is highly recommended an embalming is to take place if the deceased is to be returned home until the funeral, or if there is to be any viewings or a prolonged amount of time between the date of death and the funeral the deceased will be in the best condition possible.


Do I have to have a funeral or service?

No, we tend to see that people don’t want a ‘fuss’ made about them. However, to a lot of families like to have some form of a goodbye as it is important to them and want friends and family to be able to share memories and have their own personal farewell with the deceased.


What should I say at a funeral?

Although it can be nerve-racking to speak at a funeral, it is a time to share the fondest of memories you have. Clicking on the link below will redirect you to our page about tributes and eulogies.


How long after a cremation will I get the ashes back?

The ashes take between 24-48 hours to be returned into our care. When the ashes are back in our care, we will contact the family member or friend who is to receive them.


How long does a service take?

The duration of a service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. This all depends on many different things.

If there are any religious ceremonies, how many speakers, and the length of the speaker’s tribute or eulogy.


How do I take ashes overseas?

To take ashes overseas the requirements are that you have

  1. Death certificate
  2. Cremation certificate
  3. Funeral directors’ certificate

Please keep in mind when you plan to travel with ashes you must carry all 3 certificates with you in your hand luggage and ready to show the check-in staff and to be declared to customs.

Ashes may be carried within checked in or hand luggage, if carried in hand luggage please use discretion regarding other passengers and should always remain in luggage. Ashes urn must be accounted for and included in the standard weight and size of airline luggage.

Discretion is required when advising security staff of urn contents. Documents are to be presented to staff. Security cameras will not be able to screen the inner case of the urn, which may result in further questioning.

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