Covid 19

Attending Funerals
covid protection framework

Hamilton and the Waikato are currently within the RED setting.

WITH VACCINE PASSES = Up to 100 people, based on 1m physical distancing.


It is up to the family to decide (in advance) if the funeral is only open to people with My Vaccine Pass or to a mix of people with or without MY Vaccine Pass.

Refreshments can take place following the service, however all guests must be seated.

This applies to all funerals at any location, inside or outside.

You will be asked to present your Vaccine Pass when entering the funeral venue.

You do not need to wear a face mask if the funeral or tangihanga has exclusive use of a venue. We encourage you to wear a face mask in shared areas — if there are other activities happening at the venue at the same time. Workers at funerals must wear face masks —  unless they are exempt. Workers hosting or officiating the service do not need to wear a face mask when speaking and if they are able to keep 2 metres physical distance. 


Medical exemptions and children under 12 are considered Vaccinated and will be allowed to enter Vaccine Pass funerals.

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