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Online Services Online Services Our technology means we will be able to offer online services …

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Covid 19 Attending Funeralscovid protection framework Hamilton and the Waikato are currently within the Green …

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Why Embalm? An Indepth Article.

Why Embalm? An Indepth Article. WHY EMBALM? AN INDEPTH ARTICLE. When someone dies, we need …

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pre-planning a funeral

How we can help

Many people don’t feel comfortable about leaving the responsibility of arranging their funerals to family or friends. Others, however may prefer to be a little more organised by leaving a plan, instructions and even perhaps paying for their funeral ahead of time.

Our experience shows us that pre-planned and personalised funerals bring great comfort to families, reassured with the knowledge that they are fulfilling their loved one’s wishes.

At Woolertons’ Funeral Home we feel it is important that your personal wishes are carried out, so we record this information to ensure that your preferences are clear. Woolertons’ will of course keep your information securely and confidentially.


A pre-planning consultation with one of our experienced directors will lead you through the general funeral process. You can then consider the range of funeral options available to you and make decisions with the help of our experience and advice.

Your personal preferences for all aspects of your funeral will be recorded and, if required, we can calculate a budget estimate for you. A copy of these instructions can then be left with us if you wish. You will then be assured that when the time comes, all of your personal details and preferences can be carried out according to your wishes.

Help with pre-planing your funeral:

  1. You may like to record your wishes privately. Please download the forms below, complete and return to us.
  2. You can contact our office on 07 855 1878 to make a time for one of our funeral directors to talk to you about pre-planning your funeral.

You may like to consider

  • The type and style of funeral you prefer
  • Whether you wish to be buried or cremated
  • Your choice and style of casket or urn
  • Your choice of flowers, music and readings
  • Funeral venue and catering
  • Placing of notices in newspaper


For many people, pre-planning and pre-paying a funeral may go hand in hand. At the time of pre-planning a funeral, you also have the option of pre-paying for it. This option provides peace of mind that money is set aside for the funeral and that this financial responsibility will not fall onto someone else.

We are able to recommend several secure providers who hold the funds in a trust until they are needed. Pre-paid funeral funds are not held by Woolertons’ Funeral Home.

Woolertons’ Funeral Homes endeavours to provide the funeral service that’s right for every individual. We can also provide support for grieving families and friends of loved ones. We’re here to help, so feel free to call us any time that you need us.

Pre-paying for all or part of your funeral service helps to relieve your family and loved ones of the financial responsibility of the funeral expenses. Pre-paid funerals up to $10,000 are currently excluded from asset testing (under government legislation) when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long term residential care for the elderly.

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